EDH Tournament

***CANCELLED*** Due to a lack of participants this event has been cancelled.

Magic Commander/EDH players in the NW listen up!
Vengeance Monkey Games has arrived and we're running a tournament!

WHEN: August 19th and 20th
WHERE: Gilded Drake Games 
       1551 Hawthorne Ave Ne,
       Salem, OR 97301
Plenty of parking, but come early as it fills fast!

Here's the important stuff:

NO POWER CAP! 72 people max, $75 a head, all contestants get a "POWERED BY VENGEANCE MONKEY" Playmat
and a chance to win 2k in prizes and a participate in a raffle! 
***EDIT*** Apologies, due to unexpected circumstances, playmats will not be given out at the tournament.

For this event, the use of proxy/play test cards is allowed. That being said, there are some guidelines that will need to be followed to ensure the integrity of this tournament. If using proxies, please make sure your deck meets all of these requirements:

 - Each card must be the same size and thickness as each other card in the deck.
 - Each card must have an identical card back (or you must have fully opaque sleeves).
 - Each card must fit fully within the sleeves you choose to use, without sticking out the top.
 - Each card must not contain any inappropriate art or text.
 - The name and mana cost of the card must be plainly identifiable and match the Oracle text of the card, whether printed or hand-written.
 - No portion of the proxy may misrepresent any information of the card when compared to it's Oracle text.
 - Paper inserts (glued or otherwise) are explicitly disallowed.

Some examples of acceptable proxies:
 - Third party printed cards with consistent thickness
 - Basic lands/DFC Helper Cards with correct text written on them
 - Collector's Edition/Magic 30 cards (with fully opaque sleeves)

Please note that this event is being held at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level. This is to ensure the fairness and integrity of this event, please familiarize yourself with this policy and the policies contained within the Magic Tournament Rules document.

Prize listing:
1st: Graded Legends Booster 

2nd: Graded Signed Legends Mana Drain

3rd: Collectors Box of Commander Masters 

4th - 10th will recieve Commander Masters Set packs 

We'll be hosting the raffle on Saturday with the drawing on Sunday! $20 per ticket. 

With prizes ranging from a Set Box of Commander Masters, TBA RARE cards and more!

For more information find us on Facebook!

Or E-mail: Vengeancemonkey47@gmail.com


*** $75 entry fee, please include your name for registration ***

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